Life coaching

Sometimes we look outside ourselves at what seems to make others happy. But what works for others, may not work for us at all. In fact, what makes one person feel happy and successful may feel completely wrong for another.

My mission is to use my coaching skills and tools to help you create and achieve in your life your personal vision for yourself – one that is Authentically You. Through coaching you can create compelling goals for yourself, work towards them and achieve your outcomes. In so doing, you will change your life for the better.

There is an ever-growing demand in the world for the benefits that life coaching offers and these benefits can be huge.

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What I can help you with

  • Increasing happiness and joy in your life
  • Improving your confidence, self-belief and self-esteem
  • Uncovering your passions and purpose
  • Clarifying, prioritizing and achieving your goals
  • Improving your relationships

  • Reducing feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Increasing mental resilience
  • Embedding positive new habits
  • Gaining greater control over the direction you are travelling
  • Accountability services to ensure you stay on track

Challenges in life

I am yet to meet a person who has not been through some type of challenge. These challenges can rock us, knock us and sometimes set us back. However, with the right support we can overcome challenges and move forward with even greater awareness and confidence.

  • Do you have low levels of confidence, self-belief and self-esteem?
  • Unsure of your passions and purpose?
  • Feel stuck in life? confused about what to do? off-course with your goals?

  • Need more more motivation to prioritise and achieve your goals?
  • Feel stressed, burnt out or a bit overwhelmed?
  • Distracted by social media, other distractions and certain people?
  • Have bad habits you need to change?

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My life coaching tools

The life coaching tools I use are effective and evidence-based so they are proven to work. Below are just some of the tools we can use for you in your sessions.

  • SMART goals framework – clarify your goals and achieve them with greater ease
  • Breakthrough and Abundance Coaching techniques – achieve your goals faster
  • Creative visualisation – is the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in your life.
  • Meditation – personal to you. Meditation creates space. You can become the observer of your mind.
  • Mindfulness techniques – the practice of acknowledging what you’re feeling without judging the emotions or sensations as you’re experiencing them.

I will only use tools and techniques that you are comfortable with and feel right to you. I am committed to expanding my coaching toolbox on a regular basis. I aim to undertake training every 6 months in a new coaching technique to benefit you.

By using and teaching you these tools, my goal is to help you to become more resilient and have the right resources to navigate life with courage, joy and vitality.

I love helping people and I look forward to helping you! Contact me now to book in a session.